#NHLVideos: The Chirp | Conor Garland joins, drastic rule change ideas, lacrosse-style goals, #ChirpMallard

Daren is joined this week by Conor Garland (8:00). Conor explains why he’s not a fan of lacrosse-style goal attempts (13:35) and talks about what it was like having Ryan Donato as his neighbor growing up (11:00), his connection to Tom Brady (8:30), how he’s cultivating his piano playing skills (26:00), what he did to get more attention as a short hockey player (24:00), and his “welcome to the NHL” moment (23:00). Daren also tries to figure out who the best team is in NY (3:00), explains why he has no issues with lacrosse-style goal attempts (28:00), and discusses some drastic rule changes he’d like to see implemented (32:15). You can hit Daren up with your questions and comments by using the hashtag #ChirpMallard on Twitter. Remember to subscribe, spread the word and rate & review!

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