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Detroit Tigers: For this week’s installment of #TigersFanFridays, meet Renae Severn, an avid #Ti…

For this week’s installment of #TigersFanFridays, meet Renae Severn, an avid #Tigers fan living all the way in the state of Washington.
Since she was young, Renae has grown up a Tigers fan. Renae grew up in Ada, MI, having gone to see games at Tiger Stadium with her school once a year. She remembers taking a bus into the city with her dad to see games, clipping box scores and stories the following the 1984 World Series hoping for a repeat.

But it was tough to always follow along as she played basketball and softball in at Calvin College, and then moving to the eastern side of Washington, where she got married and raised her four children.
Back in Michigan, though, Renae’s family remained avid followers. “(My parents) insisted they didn’t have any more of my games to attend so they got hooked themselves,” she said. So Renae and her family helped raise even more #Tigers fans.
Her daughter, Jordan, grew up to love the Tigers just as much as she had (if not more, she admitted). Jordan’s fandom brought her mother back to following them just as she did when she clipped out box scores. Those two passionate fans decided to make the trip to Lakeland, FL to catch the #Tigers in Spring Training, a trip she says they’ll always remember. They packed in six games, and every batting practice they could, into 900-plus miles of driving to watch the team they both grew up enjoying.

Now she says, “Every time we go back to Michigan, there is a trip to Comerica built in. When the Tigers come to Seattle, we make a point of trying to go to Safeco to watch them.” So thank you, Renae, for helping raise more Tigers fans, and thanks, Jordan, for following with your mom.