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Detroit Tigers: For this week’s installment of #TigersFanFridays, meet Jason and his son, Harwel…

For this week’s installment of #TigersFanFridays, meet Jason and his son, Harwell. We’ll let Jason take it away telling his story about his love for the #Tigers.
“I have had an affinity for it since I was a very young boy, but rarely had a chance to watch it on TV because I grew up without one. Some of my greatest memories are of my dad laying on the carpet listening to the great Hall of Fame broadcaster Ernie Harwell broadcast the game. Ernie was a class act.
“So, when we found out Anabel was pregnant I said ‘hey, if it’s a boy, can we name him Ernie?’ She kindly laughed in my face and said, ‘no way.’ I said, ‘C’mon, for Ernie Harwell.’ She said ‘I like the name Harwell for a first name!’ So we agreed if it was a boy, his name would be Harwell.
“Shortly after, I took Anabel to her first Tigers game, but she insisted she buys the tickets. She gets pretty good tickets behind home plate, and as we get to our seats, we notice that the seat I am sitting in just happens to be Ernie’s seat. It comes with a placard on the seat with ‘Ernie’ inscribed in it. There is roughly a 1 in 40,000 chance that can happen. So, we considered it a sign that we were having a boy, and shouldn’t change our choice of name.
“Anabel had a C-section scheduled for April 4th because the baby was in breach. Tigers’ opening day was April 3rd, and I was thinking how crazy it would have been if he was actually born on Tigers’ opening day. Just so happened that it rained all day the third and they postponed the game on April 4th. Just about the same time the gates were opening, Harwell came into this world.”